Ukana Omon

Hello there! My name is Ukana Omon, and I am a skilled communications expert with a passion for producing meaningful media content that makes a positive impact. As the Head of Programmes and News at Darling FM Owerri, I have had the pleasure of working on various award-winning documentaries and projects that have reached a wide audience across Nigeria.
I hold several prestigious memberships, including Associate membership of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (ANIPR) and the 2023 Chair of the Governor Hope Uzodinma Media Excellence Award Committee. I aim to maintain high ethical standards within the industry while still finding ways to inject creativity and fun into my work.
My world view is informed by the believe that effective communication has the ability to unite people, spark change, and create lasting connections. As a communications professional, I firmly believe this and strive to put it into practice each day.

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