Vector agrees to face M.I Abaga in rap battle

Written by on October 18, 2019

Hushpuppi and Willie XO have placed N40 million on the event.

As the beef between Nigerian rappers, M.I Abaga and Vector took another leap with A-Q’s ‘Distractions 2 (Vector diss)’ a few days ago, Nigeria rap lovers proposed that M.I Abaga and Vector face off in a rap battle at Eko Hotels and Suites.
On October 16, 2019, Nigerian ‘big boys, ‘ Willie XO and Hushpuppi have weighed in on the matter. They have also placed 40 million on the table for the battle to take place. Willie XO revealed this in a video posted on his Instagram page on the morning of October 17, 2019.

The caption reads, ”This bout to become the biggest showdown in the history of Nigerian music! My billionaire brother @hushpuppi just added 10Million to the 30Million I put on the table, so now we have ₦40 MILLION ++ on the table, winner takes all.

“We go even arrange extra big mulla for the opening hip hop acts. Let’s get together and make history for Nigerian hip hop! One mic, two legends, one of them will walk away with 40Million cash doing what they love.

“This is the time to embrace our culture! Let’s make money, not beef. Come to the #LandOfSettlement in Eko hotel Lagos @mi_abaga @vectorthaviper. Let’s goooo! #RawMullaNoAudio #LetsSignTheDottedLines.”

Thus, in the evening of October 17, 2019, Vector recorded himself in car accepting the challenge. He says, “Okay so guys ehn, I got a call from WIlie XO, so that shows that it’s serious. Errm, and now that Hushpuppi has joined, that’s more serious. And the money is now N40 million, which is more more serious… .For the culture too, it’s great… 40 million is big money.

“So now, I don take the challenge. The challenge right now is I’m good to go. Just let me know the date, the time, the venue and I’m good to go… Let’s go and rap. Don’t worry! It’s rap…”

M.I Abaga and Vector have been firing direct shots at each other on songs for the better part of one month through diss tracks. The last time MI shot, it was fired on Zoro‘s song, ‘One On One (Remix).’

While Vector didn’t fire shots, MI rapped about Vector being a cobra and ended his verse with, “Nice one guy, but I swear this isn’t over… Brother everything you do to me, I go pay you back so better pay security… I’m waiting for the perfect time, n**g*, I’m patient for you. Can’t wait to take that smile upon your face, replace it for you…”

At the end of Vector’s acceptance, he fired shots, “On a final note… the snake as spoke his mind. No ratting o . Make we know say we serious as we serious this one o. No rats o. Ironically, we’re doing it for the cheese (laughs).”

The saga continues.

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